How Traditional Italian Gelato Is Made | Regional Eats

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In the small Italian town of Ruvo di Puglia, siblings Giuliana and Vincenzo Paparella carry on a 180-year-old family tradition making gelato from only three ingredients: milk, sugar, and eggs. It all started in 1840 when Uncle Luigi brought the art of gelato making from the royal courts of Naples to his hometown, Ruvo, and gave it a home. Fast-forward four generations, and the original 1840 recipe, the King’s Cream, has been joined by seven other flavors: pistachio, almond, chocolate, quince, nougat, gianduia, and hazelnut. Behind each and every one of them, the two siblings will transform every ingredient but sugar, from crushing cocoa beans to sourcing vanilla pods from Mexico. We follow Giuliana while she shows us the preparation behind the almond flavor.

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How Traditional Italian Gelato Is Made | Regional Eats

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