Giant 11 Pound SEAFOOD MOUNTAIN!! πŸ¦€ Shrimp Tray + King Crab in Los Angeles w/ Sonny!!


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🐟 San Pedro Fish Market:
πŸ˜€ Sonny’s Channel: @Best Ever Food Review Show

LOS ANGELES – Welcome to San Pedro, next to Long Beach in the greater Los Angeles area. Today I’m hanging out with my friend Sonny (@Best Ever Food Review Show ) and we’re taking you with us to eat a massive seafood tray at San Pedro Fish Market!

Surrounded by the LA port, cruise ships and container ships, you’ll find San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant where you can buy fresh seafood for takeaway, or you can have them cook your fresh catch in a massive smoldering pile of cajun spicy seasoning, and serve it to you on a huge tray.

They have a fresh fish section and then a full seafood cabinet to choose from. We chose a sheep head fish, which neither of us had ever tried, and then we proceeded to get a variety of local shrimp, scallops, some king crab legs, sausage, and corn to finish. Altogether our pile of seafood came to about 11 pounds!

You can choose from 3 different flavors; Cajun, garlic butter, and spicy diablo – we went with a mixture of all three. Then first blanch all your seafood to cook it perfectly. Then since we ordered fajita style, they begin with a pile of green pepper and onions on the hot plate. The blanched seafood is poured on top followed by huge amounts of melted butter and pouring of all the seasoning powder. It’s stir fried until everything is evenly coated and drenched in melted butter. The finished seafood fry is dished onto a platter, topped with our deep fried crispy sheep head fish, and finished with garlic bread and tortillas.

Not only is it great seafood, and located along the waterfront, but eating at San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is a fun experience!

Also, don’t miss the gigantic micheladas!

🐟 San Pedro Fish Market:

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