Thai Street Food – AFRICAN POMPANO!! 🐠 Market to Table in Phang Nga, Thailand!! 🇹🇭


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PHANG NGA, THAILAND – Phang Nga is a gorgeous province in southern Thailand, known for its pristine beaches, mountain scenery, and delicious southern Thai food. On this trip to Phang Nga, it was an honor to meet P’Aey (พี่เอ๋), chef and owner of Khrua Nong restaurant, located specifically in Takua Pa (ตะกั่วป่า), Phang Nga.

Here’s the story: We were driving towards a beach area called Khao Lak one evening and we needed to quickly stop just for a fast dinner as my son and wife were hungry. We stopped at a small roadside southern Thai restaurant, and it happened to be Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง). The owner and chef knew us from watching our videos. And was we ate, I loved the food and his authenticity and hospitality. So I said, we need to come back, film a video of the food, and maybe go to the market to see P’Aey shop for some of the seafood and ingredients he uses at his restaurant. Also, after eating there, I realized his restaurant was featured in the Thailand Michelin food guide.

The next day we met up with P’Aey at the market and bought some amazing fresh fish including a huge flat shaped jack fish and a big barracuda. The market was extremely friendly and loaded with all southern Thai ingredients.

We then headed back to P’Aey – Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง) (พี่เอ๋) to cook for lunch.

Here are the main southern Thai food dishes that P’Aey cooked for us:
Sour Curry แกงส้มปลามง
King Mackerel ปลาอินทรีย์ทอดซีอิ๊ว
Shrimp, stink beans กุ้งผัดสะตอ
Shrimp, chili, salt กุ้งผัดพริกเกลือ
Sea snail หอยชักตีน

Total price – 1000 THB (30.88 USD) for everything.

When you visit the Phang Nga province of Southern Thailand, and want to experience authentic southern Thai food in a very friendly environment, go check out Khrua Nong – highly recommended. And thanks to P’Aey for taking the time to hang out with us!

Khrua Nong Restaurant (ร้านครัวน้อง):



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