New England HUGE CLAMBAKE!! 298 Lobsters, Clams, Corn on Cabbage Island!!


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MAINE, USA: One of the experiences I was most looking forward to in Maine, was a New England clambake. It’s a method of cooking where a variety of seafood, plus potatoes and corn, are steamed and baked, sometimes underground, topped with local seaweed, over fire. When I was Cabbage Island Clambakes, I knew it was going to be epic!

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The journey begins from Booth Bay, a beautiful coastal town in Maine. We set off for Cabbage Island, with about an hour boat ride and tour of the harbor. When we arrived to Cabbage Island, I was excited and ready to see the clambake and eat. One of the great things about this clambake is that it attracts so many people, and therefore they cook such a huge quantity of food at one time – making it it even more of a delicious and visual experience.

They had two full trays of lobster, 298 lobsters for lunch! Plus an entire tray of corn, potatoes, onions, and eggs. There’s a very interesting story where they used to use the eggs as a timer, when the egg would cook and crack, then the clambake and all the seafood would be ready. I’m happy that even though they don’t need the egg timer anymore, they have maintained the tradition.

The clambake was incredible, I loved how all the ingredients steamed, baked, and roasted all at the same time. The lobster was probably the best I had in all of Maine. It was perfectly cooked, and some of the sweetest and juiciest lobster I’ve had. That clambake technique is without a doubt one of the best ways to preserve the taste of the fresh Maine lobsters. The clams – or I think in this case they were steamers, were also delicious. The sweet corn was among the best I’ve ever had, and the potato and eggs were great as well.

Finally to finish you meal at Cabbage Island Clambake, you get their famous blueberry cake, which is famous for a reason – one of the best of the best blueberry cakes ever.

And that completes the Cabbage Island Clambake experience. Highly recommended when you’re in Maine, and I think it’s one of the greatest USA, American food experiences you can have.

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