Insane Pizza Cooking!! ULTIMATE PIZZA PARADISE!! 🍕 Zuppardi’s + Frank Pepe in New Haven!


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NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – When I typically think about pizza in America, I immediately think about New York pizza and Chicago pizza… but one of the lesser known heroes of pizza in America is New Haven, Connecticut, and some of the true pizza connoisseurs say it’s the best pizza in America! Today we’re going on a New Haven pizza (or apizza as its known) in New Haven. #pizza #NewHaven

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Pizza (apizza) in New Haven has a very unique style and distinct taste – it’s known for being quite a thin crust, that’s chewy and charred to crispness. Along with the crust, New Haven is known for its white clam pie, a pizza that was invented at Frank Pepe, but you’ll now find at pizzerias throughout New Haven. I can safely say that New Haven pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. I love that intense heat that creates the char, and the layers of flavor that come as a result.

Here are the pizza places we ate at in this tour:

Zuppardi’s Apizza ( – We started at Zuppardi’s Apizza, actually located in West Haven. This family run pizzeria serves some of the best in New Haven. Their crust is incredible, and theirs is a little less thin and not quite as charred as some of the other pizzas of New Haven. We all agreed their white clam pie is the best in New Haven.
Price – About $17 per medium pizza

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana ( – Frank Pepe is the ultimate legend of New Haven pizza, the epicenter, and where it all began in 1925. They invented the white clam pie, and their pizzas are very thin and very crispy. The char, their massive 14 foot coal burning overs, and the caramelised toppings, are truly remarkable. A life changing pizza experience with so much history.
Price – About $25 per medium pizza

Modern Apizza ( – Lastly, I had a chance to try Modern Apizza, another local favorite New Haven pizzeria. Again, they have a very thin crust and a distinct char. Their white clam pie was heavier on the mozzarella cheese than the others, but delicious. However, I preferred their sausage pizza which was outstanding.
Price – About $18 per medium pizza

All three pizza places were fantastic and you should try all of them on your pizza tour of New Haven, Connecticut. I can tell you without a doubt, I’m a fan of New Haven Apizza for life!! Best pizza in America? I’m not sure, but for sure I have a new standard of delicious pizza.



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